Worship is a very important part of the Christian life and we want it to be authentic at UGBC. We worship as we pray, sing, give and proclaim God’s Word. In this time our goal is to honor, praise and glorify God. There are numerous ways you can become involved in worship at UGBC and we invite you to participate as we worship our Lord together.

God is the omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent one, and the believer’s worship must be pleasing to Him, and thus never taken lightly or done carelessly. In order for worship to be acceptable, it must be in the name of Christ, guided by the Holy Spirit, and in conformity with the Word of God.

The Christian can pray to and worship God directly only because of Christ’s death and resurrection (Heb. 9:7, 14). Christ opened the way into the most holy presence of God, so that the believer may now enter and worship. True worship, which is acceptable to God, is that which the Spirit inspires.

God does not accept a pretended worship. It is possible to bow the head and even the body without bowing the soul in reverence before God. The true worshiper approaches God with a desire to glorify Him and enjoy Him. He comes without showiness and pride, but with sincerity and an offering of gratitude and prayer (John 4:24).

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