August 16th, 2020- The Future is Here- Revelation 1:1-3

August 23rd, 2020- Behold, He Comes- Revelation 1:7-8

August 30th, 2020- Come Up Here- Revelation 1:17-19, 4:1-5

September 6th, 2020- Highlighting Heaven- Revelation 4&5

September 13th, 2020- Thundering Hoofbeats- Revelation 6:1-8

September 20th, 2020- It Couldn’t Get Any Worse- Revelation 6:9-17

September 27th, 2020- Spiritual Awakening in the Great Tribulation- Revelation 7

October 4th, 2020- The Hush Of Heaven- Revelation 8

January 3rd, 2021- The Day of Demons- Revelation 9:1-12

January 10th, 2021- A World Gone Mad- Revelation 9:13-21

January 17th, 2021- When God Breaks His Silence

January 24th, 2021- Two Witnesses from Another World- Revelation 11:1-14

February 14th, 2021- How History Will End- Revelation 11:15-19

February 21st, 2021- How History Will End Pt. 2- Revelation 11:15-19

February 28th, 2021- Why we Love Israel- Revelation 12

March 7th, 2021- Why We Love Israel Pt. 2- Revelation 12

March 14th, 2021- The Biography of the Beast- Revelation 13:1-10

March 21st, 2021- The Mark of the Beast- Revelation 13:16-18

March 28th, 2021- Cries from the Place Called, “The Skull”- Luke 23:33-46

April 4th, 2021- Encountering Jesus

April 11th, 2021- The Lamb and the 144,00- Revelation 14:1-13

April 18th, 2021- The Final Harvest Begins- Revelation 14:14-20

April 25th, 2021- The Beginning of the End- Revelation 15

May 2nd, 2021- The Wrath of God- Revelation 16

May 9th, 2021- The Marriage Supper of the Lamb- Revelation 19:1-10

May 16th, 2021- The Second Coming of Christ- Revelation 19:11-16

May 23rd, 2021- Heaven on Earth- Revelation 20:1-7

May 30th, 2021- Judgment Day- Revelation 20:11-15

June 2nd, 2021- New Heaven and Earth- Revelation 21

June 6th, 2021- There’s a New World Coming- 2 Peter 3:3-11

August 8th, 2021- How Are We Doing- 2 Timothy 2:1-7

August 22nd, 2021- What are you Holding On too- Philippians 3:13

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