Union Grove Baptist Men

The purpose of the Union Grove Baptist Men is to serve God by serving others. Our
men build handicapped ramps, supply firewood as needed, and provide disaster
relief to those suffering from the ravages of fire, flood, and tornadoes. Our men, and
often assisted by outstanding women of our church, go to disaster relief training, spiritual training, and opportunity training.

If you know of someone with a special need or you wish to join the Union Grove Baptist Men, please contact the church office. Many missions are available at any time so that if you can’t do carpentry, chainsaw work, or other physical labors, there is still a place you can serve. You might be able to provide a meal, run errands, provide monetary support, and most important of all, PRAY.

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about our Other Ministries, please contact us at: ugbcministry@gmail.com or call our office at 336-961-5792

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